Mum’s 30 Minute “Me Time” Treats!

Mum’s 30 Minute “Me Time” Treats!

Hello everyone!

Anyone who reads the blog will know how much of a softie I am when it comes to my girls. I’m quite happy to nail a big supplier down on price, get my business head on for my accounts meetings and spend my time between appointments researching new and fantastic treatments, but at home I’m just Mummy.  And Mummy is most definitely a girls girl!  I’m sure I speak for the vast majority of working mums when I say that I find it stressful.  Juggling the work head with the Mum head, fitting in meetings around child care and generally dealing with the guilt of leaving your children while you work VS the importance of teaching them that following your dreams is always the way to go. Like I said, stressful!

So with the school bell ringing  and Amelia off on her own little adventure I decided that some well earned “Me Time” was in order.  I needed just a little space in my life to clear my head, ease away the day to day stresses and get to feel like Nadia again.   I have blocked out a 3 hours slot with Joanna, something I never do, for massage, mani and pedi.  I’ve gotten so used to doing my own that I just don’t stop to enjoy this little oasis of calm I’ve created! How crazy is that?! I cannot remember the last time I had a massage and I CANNOT wait to lie there, uninterrupted and just relax…

It got me thinking of all you other busy mums out there. Looking after children is a full time job and I know that many of you will be like me, fitting it into another full time job! Even if your choice has been to put the career on hold for a while, kids, home, partner, friends, school, exercise, nursery…. It all mounts up! So this week’s blog is for all you Mums out there. Here are 5 Top Me Time Treats you can fit into your life in just half an hour!

  1. Express Massage – 20 minutes!  Evidence suggests that even 20 minutes of relaxation can release those all important endorphins and relieve some of that pent up stress. 20 minutes – pop in while popping out for milk!
  2. A phone call to a best friend – 15 minutes! Having a natter with your nearest and dearest is a great way to have a moan, have a giggle and let yourself be yourself! Evidence suggests its good for your mental state and your heart!
  3. Go for a walk – 30 minutes!Power walk around these gorgeous parks of ours, around your neighbourhood or pound it out on the treadmill and you can help your stress levels, your cardio levels and your mental health! The blast of fresh air and vitamin D will also bring an all day long glow!
  4. Have A Manicure or An Eyelash & Brow Tint – 30 minutes!Having even a little treat that leaves you looking and feeling good is a real mood lifter. An Orly Manicure will last two weeks and is resistant to all the chips and scrapes of motherhood and life! We’ll even make you a cuppa to sup while you’re in!
  5. Lie Down For An Express Facial– 30 minutes! We can leave you relaxed and unwound. Give yourself a boost with clear, fresh skin through a cleanse, exfoliate, mini facial massage, tone and moisturise.  Lie down, close your eyes and let us work some magic!

To help you build a little treat time into your life we’ve come up with the Express Massage Package Buy a bank of 10 massages for only £180 (normally £20 each) and you can drop in anytime to use them. Because we’re all so bad at putting ourselves first we’re encouraging you to get into the habit by sharing with a friend. So, you can buy one bank, and two or three of you can share it!

So ladies – no excuses! Just 30 minutes can help you relax and unwind, de-stress and feel great.  And what else can you do in 30 minutes that can make these amazing claims!? And if you can turn that 30 minutes into 3 hours then grab that good friend, pull on your trainers and walk to the salon for a full on girlie pamper session!  Am I getting a bit carried away? Maybe after the Christmas break then?!

See you all very soon,

Lots of Love, Nadia XX


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