Sassy, Classy and Look-At-Me Bright!

Sassy, Classy and Look-At-Me Bright!

Ladies we’re going to talk NAILS! More specifically, we’re going to talk BRIGHT NAILS!

THE Fashion Statement for spring summer 2017 is bright colours, ruffles and punk.  Think of the 1980s with more class, striking power shoulders, better cuts and a kick ass colour palette. Colour that pushes right up to the edge of neon without the screaming nasty that was mis-matched terry towelling socks in pukey green and atomic yellow (for those under the age of 25 please refer to your Mum).

Inspired by these sassy, bold statement fashions I’m predicting that nails are going to get out of the doldrums and into the arc of the rainbow.  I love a French polish as much as the next person and sometimes its just what you need; demure and understated. But if you want to paint a smile on, then get popping those brights!


  1. Go sassy but classy!  If you’re going for a fabulous bright colour I’d avoid OTT nail art. Keep it glossy and high shine to give maximum impact.  No need for extras!
  2. See a professional or ask a friend to help – its unlikely you’ll get a perfect polish with these loud colours while your left hand is shaking over your right’s nails (or vice versa for you southpaws!)
  3. Think about your wardrobe – but don’t over think it! Gorgeous Red Nails are sexy with ALL outfits. Bold Blues bring a cheeky flash to pinks, oranges and monochromes and Vibrant Violets will lift an outfit of pale palettes into a new fashion realm.
  4. Wear nails slightly shorter than normal with a neat rounded shape. Long, pointy brights belong with those shoulder pads from the 80s.
  5. Mix Your Fingers and Toes – We’re avoiding the bad art but let loose and choose a different colour for your fingers and your toes.  Now hit the local pool in a bright bikini and show them off!

Entity dip and buff nails bring the fashion brights to the nail palette this spring.

If you’re doing this at home then prepare your nails well. Remove your old polish with a non acetone remover. Cut, and file with a emery board before buffing the nail surface with a soft board.

Painting with Bright Polish can be tricky.  Unless you’re an expert polisher I’d ask a friend to help. Make a night of it and break out the face masks and wine – NAILS FIRST though! In steady even strokes apply the varnish – not too much on that brush now…. O.M.G. I sound like my old tutor! Let it dry before applying a second coat and a finally a glossy top coat.  Lush!

If you wear your nails painted most of time then I’d recommend trying gels. Lia & Olive use Gel II and Entity– I experimented with a lot of gels while training and I honestly believe that these are the best. Rock hard, no chips and glossy sheer cover that I cannot see past. Since opening, I’ve had clients come back again and again for these tough gel overlays; for me that’s testament to the quality of the products.

So, go on, be brave and go for bold!

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Love Nadia x


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