Lia & Olive burst onto the Perthshire beauty scene in 2011 under the direction of self-confessed tanner,  Nadia Alexander.

“I shortly realised I was not going to be able to work for anyone else, mostly because I enjoy having overall artistic direction. My beautiful little girls, Ameila (12) and Olivia (14), have been the inspiration behind the means of the business – and they could teach us a thing or two about beauty and learning to love ourselves!

In January 2015, I met my husband, just so happens he owns the business centre that our salons are located in – oh that was an easy find. Since then, we have been fairly busy building our little empire. L&O beauty salon, tanning distribution company and laterally a luxury clothing franchise called Holland Cooper, based in Edinburgh.

As you can imagine, I was spreading myself a little thinly and when my baby boy, Blair came along in 2019, the only answer to my prayer was finding my partner in crime Clair, who I can only describe as a wealth of knowledge and no end of support.

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