Looking Good This Winter

Looking Good This Winter

Mother Nature certainly makes us work hard for our looks in the cold months! Its true that we’re particularly bothered given our Scottish geography – but I’m here to tell you that you do not have to compromise the beauty of Perthshire for your own great looks! Read on for some Nadia wisdom on how to keep skin and lips, soft and supple instead of dry and dehydrated!

So first up – lets chat biology! I know a beauty blog is the last place you’d expect a school lesson. But you have to understand what is happening to your skin so that you know how to combat it. The skins natural lipid barrier locks in moisture and helps keep you looking, and feeling, silky smooth.

During the winter we constantly switch from hot to cold and it leaves our skin bland and our bodies shivery to the core!  You know the days I mean – when no matter what you do you just can’t warm up! The temptation when you get home at night or up in the morning is to jump into a nice hot bath or shower and get those bones toasty warm. DON’T DO IT! Hot water is a killer for that lovely lipid barrier and will strip your skin of natural oils and moisture.  Not to mention those little tell-tale red capillaries that lovers of a piping hot bath know all too well!

Instead, go for a warm soak or shower and avoid harsh soaps and scented gels – try a natural, fragrance free cleanser to stop that taut, flaky feel.  Once you’re done use a good quality oil on your slightly damp skin to lock in the moisture! We use the wonderful Australian Body Care range and I cannot tell you how great they are.  These lotions are chosen  for their aromatic and skin-enhancing properties along with vital ingredients that help to enhance your skins radiance to minimise the effects of stress and fatigue on the face. After years of trying lots of products, this is my holy grail! I love it and we stock the full range! I couldn’t resist – the rep thought it was her lucky day!

Which leads me smoothly on to massage! A good massage is a great way to keep the circulation going and help your body feed the skin.  If you have the time and the budget then a monthly massage is a fantastic all over boost especially during these dull, cold months. If you can’t make it into the salon then treat yourself to some good oils and reach as many spots as you can!

Keep Your Skin Glowing all Winter Long!

So that’s your great all over tips.  Now for the most important skin of all. Your gorgeous, glowing face! People I have three words:-

  1. moisturise
  2. moisturise
  3. moisturise

Come the winter you dust off your cosy coat, pull out your favourite boots and squeal delightedly at the gorgeous splashes of bright colours and patterns filling the shops in the shape of scarves, hats and gloves.  You change what you wear on your body to keep it safe from cold. So why then, do we never change what we wear on our face? That beautiful, tell all visage of yours that is exposed to every element Jack Frost throws at us is the most important patch of skin you have. Treat it well!

By changing to a moisturiser that contains an oil base you will give your skin that extra layer of hydration.  And you know I’m going to say it… Facials! A facial is your friend in the winter. Even an express facial once a month will help keep you feeling rosy and soft rather than red raw and hackett!   If you can’t make it into the salon then get yourself together with a friend and do each other! Use a hydrating face mask for best results.

THREE EVERY DAY WINTER ESSENTIALS! – quick, affordable and can’t-live-without-it tips for your everyday beauty regime!

Alpha – H Liquid Gold is one of the best products to ensure your skin is glowing all year long.

WATER! Inside is just as important as outside and those two litres of water each day are VITAL during winter. If you like a hot drink try boiling water with a slice of lemon. I know a cuppa hits the spot but it is a diuretic. Alternate with this to keep your hydration levels nice and high!

  1. VASELINE! The older the fiddle the better the tune – so true for our tried and tested friend here! Keep those lips kissable all winter long, slick over your cheek bones if you’re facing the wind and rub into tired, scaly hands over your coffee break.
  2. SPF! That winter sun still has rays and the glare can be fierce. If you’re out and about and the sun is shining low then don’t forget a layer of SPF to keep those wrinkles at bay, especially if you’re using Alpha-H Liquid Gold.

I hope you’re now feeling like you can fight those wind chapped lips and cracked red cheeks! I’ve made a BIG decision this week to open on Sundays – for me, Sunday is the sort of lazy, relaxed day that I would enjoy a facial or a massage. Saturday is a blur of dance lessons, children’s parties and food shopping. Sunday was made for a pamper! So if you’re feeling like a treat after reading the blog then why not take advantage of some of our great offers and come in and see me!

Keep glowing,

Love Nadia X 

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